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The demand for bespokeroofs and roof gardens in the UK is ever growing with building regulations beginning to include the green roof as a requirement for new buildings with a flat roof over a specific size. The benefits, in addition to the appealing aesthetics of a roof garden, are huge;

Noise pollution reduction | Additional insulation – keeping out the cold in winter and the heat in summer | Increased roof lifespan | Increased utility & value of the building | Reduction in drainage charges – for commercial premises | Filter out dust & pollutants | Create new habitats for plants & animals | Oxygen produced & Co2 absorbed via photosynthesis

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Roof Garden on Extension

Roof garden from start to finish.

Residential Property - Garden Summer house used for leisure & hobbies, we added to this a bespoke roof garden, roof gardens provide additional protection to the underlying building, insulating the roof & increasing its lifespan. this makes ecological sense & wild flowers continue to flourish year after year.

Roof Garden on Residential Property

This residential property has the potential to be a granny flat, home theatre, games room, gym etc, in this case the owners are using the building as a man cave and as such had a roof garden installed to improve it's appearance and energy efficiency.

This customer utilised some extra space to create a balcony with a glaze handrail, here you can see the process we went through to replace the existing flat roof and install the hand rail.